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A Message from the Airport Owner

It has been suggested that I am suing a number of people who have publicly opposed the expansion of the Burlington Executive Airpark‎ to try to shut them up.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is I welcome debate on the future of the Airpark, the important role it plays in our community, and the future potential it represents in terms of jobs and economic opportunity.

The reason I am suing is because despite repeated attempts to reason with this small group of people, they continue to knowingly spread false information that is damaging both to the Airpark and to me personally.

Seven different reports by independent third-parties including Halton Region, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Environment Canada, and Pinchin Environmental have found no safety issues with the commercial fill we have been using as part of the planned expansion of the Airpark. These same reports conclude that local well water and soil quality are not being negatively affected by any of our expansion activities.

Despite this overwhelming evidence, the opponents of the Airpark continue to engage in fear-mongering. They rely on a single report that is full of errors and omissions – so much so that it has been discredited by the provincial environment ministry.

If they were being completely transparent, they would admit that this is a run-of-the-mill commercial dispute. Nothing more.

The leader of this group owns a horse farm just north of the Airpark. She apparently feels that we cannot co-exist even though the Airpark at its current location since 1962. It’s equally apparent that she feels she is unlikely to gain much sympathy if the public knew the true nature of the dispute, and that it revolves around her own financial interests .

Despite all the evidence to the contrary she and others insist in referring to the single flawed report. Trust me, if I could get them to stop suggesting that local well water is being contaminated without having to go to court, I wouldn’t be in court. As it is, going to court is my only recourse.

The Airpark is a key transportation and training facility that also provides a vital humanitarian role, facilitating organ donation flights and patient transfers to local hospitals that don’t have heli-pads or landing facilities. Police, military and search and rescue teams regularly use the Airpark, as well.

In short, the Airpark is an essential community and regional asset, and the case for expansion is compelling. It will create even more opportunities for employment, training and economic development in our area.

I welcome discussion on the future of the Airpark and I am more than happy to work with my neighbours and the community at large to find a way forward. My only request is that we stick to the facts.

Vince Rossi

Vince Rossi is the owner of the Burlington Executive Airpark

Burlington Airpark Improvements Not Affecting Groundwater: Environment Ministry

Airpark Owner Announces No Further Legal Appeals

(Ontario, August 5, 2014) The Burlington Executive Airpark today announced that further independent review of groundwater testing has re-confirmed that the Airpark’s improvement activities are not adversely affecting groundwater in the area.

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change recently completed a review of groundwater monitoring and an environmental site assessment by Pinchin Environmental completed in April, 2014. In a letter to the Airpark dated August 1, 2014, the District Supervisor of the Halton Peel District Office writes:

“Based on our analysis of the information provided in this report, the [Ministry] has found that there is no indication the fill operations are adversely impacting groundwater offsite at this time.”

The Airpark further understands that Halton Region’s Medical Officer of Health has concluded, based on the Ministry’s review and private well sampling conducted by Health Department officials, that there is no health risk to residents from the Airpark’s activities.

The Airpark will conduct further groundwater testing in the future and will be sharing the results with the Ministry.

In another development, Airpark owner Vince Rossi announced that he will not pursue a further legal appeal against the City of Burlington on the question of jurisdiction to apply its site alteration bylaw on land used for an airport.

“While I do not agree with the decision given by the Ontario Court of Appeal in June, I accept the Court’s judgment and intend to comply with it. Equally important is my desire to move forward and in a mutually respectful and beneficial way with the Airpark’s neighbours, the City of Burlington and all other interested parties,” Rossi said.

“The Airpark is an important community asset, providing landing space for emergency medical flights and search-and-rescue aircraft, while also serving as a key economic driver for Burlington and Halton Region. It is my hope that with the litigation behind us, and the results of the groundwater testing re-confirmed, the City, Region and the Airpark can concentrate on enhancing the contributions the Airpark can make to the community and explore opportunities to attract more businesses and employment to our community.”

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